Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mucha Exhibition

Today I finally visited the big Mucha Exhibition that moved Munich after Vienna and Montpellier. Mucha was one of the first artists I took a more serious interest in - his works are just eye-candy - and the fascination still holds. The exhibition was great, I'd give it 10/10 points and can give a definite recommendation. You'll get a complete overview on his work: paintings, studies, grisailles, lithographies (all the famous posters), sculpture, illustration, jewellery. I was especially impressed by all the sketches and studies, I just love these insights into artists' processes and techniques.
Mucha was really exceptionally good at drawing and inking. The inks reminded me of a lot of great modern comic and fantasy art. Both poster and comic art had to rely on line and simplified colours, due to restrictions of the printing process. No wonder a lot of japanese comic artists like Mucha :).

Link: Official website