Monday, February 23, 2009


Yay, firt postig :D
I'll try to show lots of art this isn't exclusivly a sketchlog though. I'll post about whatever catches my fancy ;)
First a quickish study after a Watts painting. I always enjoy doing these, but I'm afraid they are rather boring to look at?

I also went to the opera today and the staging was rather abysmal BUT on the pro side the guys looked rather hot and were totally gay for each other. teh. So I drew this quick impression when I was home again xD (they all had these kind of hairstyles, oh it was soooo funny!)


jana said...

DU HAST JA NEN SKETCHBLOG! weiterposten! :D Das erste ist geil *-*

Gritti said...

Ich kann nicht mehr first comment sein, püh >:

Naja, immer fleißig posten ne ;D