Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring means everything is full of little birds

One of my favourite pasttimes is to take a stroll through the park and... take photographs of ducks. *snickers* Right now there are hundreds and thousands of little baby ducks and geese out there and I really could stalk them all day, that's how adorable they are. Today the light was much better than when I took these photos, but of course I didn't bring my camera :( Oh well.

I couldn't identify this one.

There is nothing more ridiculous than sleeping birds. Standing on one leg with your eyes open? Really.


Ivy and Haley said...
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Spell said...

Haha, die erste Ente hat verdammt viel ATTITUDE.

Saskia said...


Lucca said...

*schnatter schnatter* *quack quack!* <3 süß